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THE Filmmakers (maybe part I)

17 May 2009

Old Kubrick said:

“If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed”

And basically this is it: A list (without chronological, genre, or even “gorgeousness and gorgeousity” order) of just great, shocking, almost perfect in shape and timing moments in movies (THAT I’VE SEEN IN THESE 15 YEARS) and their respective actors.




No Country For Old Men (2007), by the Coen Brothers

Final Scene (Javier Bardem’s Finale): Maybe it can’t be compared to other scenes in the film, but, hey! I didn’t expect those minutes of silence… The Coens haven’t made that scene in the theater (or the living room, whatever), but in one of the darkest corners of our minds. Of our murderer minds, resuming what a genious character and actor can make on our heads without saying any word (Until… CRASH!)


Magnolia (1999), by Paul Thomas Anderson

I’m Singin’ in the …Frogs!?: Well, this scene (that is shot in multiple locations at the same time) is one of those that make you think about abstract, inexact things like CHANCE… or COINCIDENCE. And when you think about it, there’s no going back: you’re the movie’s Protagonist.

(Check out Philip Seymour Hoffman’s reaction xD)

Children Of Men (2006), by Alfonso Cuarón

Finale War Scene (One-Take): No Comments. Only Congratulations to Cuarón. And Thank You Very Much For That Masterpiece…

(The whole cut is worthy. Watch it…)


Well, that’s it for today… Have a good day…



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